Friday, June 17, 2011

Tool # 5- Web 2.0 Tools

Who knew there is so much fun stuff out there. You find yourself spending hours exploring. I love Big Huge Labs. I have played around with many of my pictures using mosaic maker and framer. I think students can use the trading card option offered by Big Huge Labs. Students can make trading cards with geography terms or math terms. When teaching students about shapes, I was thinking students can make trading cards showing me they understand the terms. What a fun way to incorporate math and technology.

I have played around with Glogster for the past year hoping to use it in my classroom. I haven't used it yet but it just seems a little confusing to me. I think I have invested my full attention to it. One of my teacher friends who works in Cy Fair went to a class where they got to play around with it and ask for help. She said some second grade teachers were using it at her school. This gives me hope that I can use it with my second graders next year.

I like Storybird a lot. I thought a lot of artist had cute pictures and it was fun creating a story. I created a story and I had the kids I nanny this summer create one. I wanted to see what they thought about the site. (It's nice to get a kids perspective) They had a fun time doing it. The girls worked in pairs. They said they would like doing this in the classroom. The only thing is it did take them awhile to do. I can see my kids using Storybird if they have free time in writing.
One made by the girls.
The life of Emily, Frank, Caroline, and Jeff!! by efinley on Storybird

One made by me.
The story of Chester by efinley on Storybird

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  1. Trading Card Maker is great. We have used it in PGP classes. We used it when the students wrote haikus. The students wrote their haikus, drew illustrations for them, photographed the illustrations and then put them together in Trading Card Maker. They turned out great. I'm sure that there are lots of other ways this tool can be used.