Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tool # 10- Digital Citizenship

1.Three things I would want my students to know about being good digital citizens would be to know how to use a computer safely. There is so much out there. I want my students to know how to research things and to make sure it's age appropriate. I want my students to notify a teacher if they did find something inappropriate and be mature about it. I would like to show my students helpful websites when researching on the web. I would want to know there are other tools to search besides Google and for them to make sure the facts are accurate.
2/3.Seems like BrainPop is the way to go. Students love Brainpop as it is so I know they will be excited. I like how BrainPop has questions at the end of the video clip. I would show the students the clip about internet safety and assess them with the questions.
4. I would like to inform my parents about internet safety in the beginning of school. I know there is a form that goes out about the students email address. I would send home a form about internet safety that goes along with it.

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