Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thing # 5

I always thought of flicker being used to view friends photos they have posted. I never thought it would be useful in the classroom or at school. I ended up spending more than an hour just looking at all the photos. Some photos are very impressive.

I found this image a lot. I really liked it because I love books and what a great way to show it.

I wish I would have know how to use this tool earlier for school. The other day, my students were making a brochure about a business they would have to earn money. Some students had a hard time finding pictures to add to their brochure. Flicker would be a great website for them to go to although I think it might be too complicated for a third grader. (saving the picture to their file would be to hard. Getting them to complete the brochure was hard enough) Here is an example of a picture they might have added to their brochure.

Thing # 4

I knew blogs were out there but never visited them before. Now, I'm always looking at other peoples blogs and seeing what blogs they are following. I think I have even convinced my husband to blog as well. Blogging can very therapeutic.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thing #1

After reading the blog, I am really excited about 23 Things. I've never set up a blog or even read blogs. It sounds like a fun project.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thing # 3

So creating an avatar was the fun although there were so many choices, it was hard for me to choose. Too many clothes options. Choosing my avatar was the easiest part. Trying to figure out how to put the avatar where I wanted it was a different story. It took me awhile to put the picture to the side instead of right in the middle at the top.

Thing # 2- Hardest habit

I would say the hardest habit at the moment is habit 7. I hate saying that since I am currently serving a mentor to a new teacher at my school. In the beginning, I was all about it. We would meet weekly for our 45 minutes. I realized as time and weeks went by... time is not on my side. Her plate and my plate keep piling up. I would definitely like to find more time to sit down and talk things through.

Thign # 2Easiest Habit

Hmm... out of all the habits, I would say habit 7 1/2 would be the easiest habit for me. Play. Who wouldn't say that? I think being able to experiment is the best way to learn. I like to try things out, see how things go. How else would you know if you're doing things right? Or at least to your liking? Doing things one way would get boring. You need to play around to see what's right for you.