Friday, June 3, 2011

Tool 3- Online videos and Images

I always forget about you tube and teacher tube as classroom resources. I think most of the time I always use BrainPop or United Streaming.I do have a problem at times using United Streaming. There are times when it slows down or won't work. How frustrating. I played around with
Teacher Tube for awhile. I searched for videos regarding communities for social studies. I found this cute video, All about Communities by Mrs. Roger's second grade class. This would be perfect to use for next year. It gives me the idea that my own class can do this next year. I know they would love it. I think Teacher Tube is great choice to use since you don't have to worry about inappropriate material. You do have to make sure the material is age appropriate.

Copyright Laws
It's always easy to forget about copyright laws. I like the site that was offered on 11 Tools website. I love how user friendly it is. I know teachers are always stressing to students about copying from books/plagiarism, it's important that teachers are following their own advice.

I never think to use images for my classroom although I think that's because I've taught language arts/social studies for awhile. I guess I could use them for social studies but never thought of it. I'm teaching second grade next year which will be new for me. Doing 11 tools is giving me a chance to visit the curriculum. I saw that second graders learn about cylinders,cones, and spheres. I thought it would be great to see how you can see these shapes in the real world. Here are some images that I found that I can share with the kids and discuss with the class.

I think images is a great tool for visual learners. I have to remember to use them more often.


  1. I think it is always best to search for videos and download them to your computer when using Discovery Education (United Streaming) so you aren't having to worry about bandwidth! Give that a try!