Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tool 2- Commenting/Reader

I heard about Reader about two years ago. I was new to blogs and while searching some different blogs, I didn't realize how much was out there. I found some cool blogs that have to deal with home decorating and and I found one recently about baby showers. ( I threw a baby shower recently) Reader was a great tool to let me know when new things have been updated. I had a few blogs on my reader but then it seemed to be too much after awhile. I had a hard time keeping up with them.

I think commenting on blogs is important especially to the creator. The whole point of a blog is to share with others. It's a way to communicate with others and strike up conversations. I think when commenting, people should be genuine. When I originally did 23 Things ( a longer version of 11 tools) it was important for us to comment on other blogs. I was eager to check my own blog to see what people posted.

A great website that I like to refer to through out the school year is Beth Newingham's website.
She has great ideas and helps Scholastic with ideas for teachers. I've been teaching for awhile now but I always learn something new when I visit her site.

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