Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thing # 19 Web 2.0 Awards

I really enjoyed looking at all the tools on Web 2.0 awards. I was surprised that I had actually heard of some the sites on there or had actually used. As I get further along in this project, I realized how little I know about technology. I really enjoyed playing around with which is a free music site. I have always used Pandora in the past but has a lot more to offer in my mind. I like how it tracks all the songs they play. This helps me when I want to download new songs on my ipod. I also like how show differnt pictures of the artist that is playing. It's nice to put a face with the name. I often use Pandora in the classroom to play classical music or kids music. Now I can use
I found out about Mango Languages. I had fun playing around with the demo. It's a website for people who want to learn conversational skills in a different language. The demo taught me basic converstaional skills in spanish. I like how the lesson reviewed sayings from the beginning so I can remember. This a great tool for libraries to have especially for high school. This site would have been very useful when I was learning spanish in school.
I have really enjoyed looking playing with all the 2.0 tools.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about Mango Languages. I want to check this one out. I can use all the help I can get with Spanish!