Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thing # 16 Wikis

First off, can I just say I love the videos by Common Craft? They make all this technology stuff so easy to understand. I first heard of Wikis this year. I was at a district meeting where I had to add my thoughts to a wiki.I had no idea what a Wiki was let alone how to use them. Now that I have had some time using the website, I realized how beneficial they can be. I think it's a great way for people to share their thoughts and work on a project without feeling so stressed having to find time to meet. Our group members have been using a Wiki to work on our final project. It has made things easier to collaborate.
I think Wikis can be great tool to use in the classroom. I think it would be great for middle and high school students. Students by then have emails and would understand how to use it. It would be great for when students have group projects. Wikis are a great tool.


  1. Bookjunkie, after watching almost all the videos common craft has made I think everything in life would be easier to understand if common craft made a video for it. Love common craft!

  2. Erica, Our wiki for our Final Project has worked out pretty sweet. Glad Trina got us started using it. I like your Wordle! See you on Thursday. Cheryl