Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thing # 10- Second Life

Wow! I have never heard of Second Life. I knew there were virtual games out there such as The Sims, but Second Life sure is high tech. I enjoyed making my person. I can see how people can get caught up with changing the appearances. As I was walking around exploring, I went to the mall to buy some new clothes. I was shocked to see inappropriate pictures. I was wondering how they new I was an adult but I remembered entering my age when I signed up. If I was using Second Life in my classroom, I would be a little cautious and worried. I would hate from something inappropriate to pop up. I tried exploring but got bored after awhile. Maybe I'm just not a virtual kind of person.

I don' think I would use this in my classroom. I would be too worried.


  1. Second Life has many facets to it including quite extraordinary educational places for students with guidance from teachers. There are other worlds like Reaction Grid and Whyville that are created for young people to explore. When you get ready and have a chance, please take another trip in a virtual to see the possibilities. And also plese understand that these are not meant to replace the face-2-face benefits found in classrooms...just meant to enhance the experience!

    It does take some getting used to...believe me! :-)

  2. You make some valid points and until teachers can see and use the other worlds that have been created for children second life probably won't be used in the elementary level for awhile. With experience comes comfort and the weeding out of the inappropriate. BTW, you are doing a great job on your 11 1/2 Things AND all while doing Grad classes - WOW! You are almost done.