Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thing # 11 - Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is very important to teach students. Many times, students go with the first thing they find on the computer. I think for students, it's hard sometimes to determine if facts are correct or not especially if they are researching subjects they are not familiar with. I enjoyed reading Cool Cat's blog about digital citizenship. I think he had some very valid points and stressed the importance of teaching students to find information from various of sources. I think it's important for teachers and librarians to teach students how to research on the computer.

If I were to teach lesson on digital citizenship the first thing I would do is talk with my students about what they know about the internet and safety. We would discuss how you need to look at various sources and not to settle on the first thing you find. Plagiarism is a very important topic to discuss with students. Plagiarism is a topic I would discuss all year. We would then talk about online safety. I would show students a BrainPop video about online safety. This is something I would talk about all year long to stress the importance to the students.

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