Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thing # 8- Screencast

I am very familiar with screencasts especially with Jing. I had to use Jing for my masters class a couple of weeks ago. I made a video discussing how to use a feature on a Mac computer. I thought Jing was very easy to use. What a great idea. I think this tool is very useful for a librarian or techonology coach. I know there are several times when teachers need to do a certain task on a computer and they are at a lost at what to do. The librarin or technology coach can use this tool to help other teachers. I think teachers can use this tool to help students as well. If a techers assigns a project for students to do but require certain steps before they start the actual project, then the teacher can use Jing to show students step by step what to do.

I made a video discussing the accessibiltiy features on mac. I chose to focus on Simple Finder which is on a Mac computer. My video is below. Sorry it is not the most exciting video.


  1. Your skills will serve you well as a teacher and future librarian. Keep up the great work.