Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thing # 9 Useful Related Blogs and News

I have never been a blog person before this project. I think just because I never really researched them to find ones that I like. Now that I am somewhat forced to find some blogs I like, I have enjoyed them. I liked Technorati the best out of the other search tools. I like the look of the website as well as the categories at the top to help narrow your search. Of course, I'm always drawn to the celebrity gossip so I found this blog, Just Jared, that I was able to add to my RSS feeder. I did not enjoy Syndic8 very much. It is not eye appealing. ( As you can tell, I am really into the look of the website. I should get over that.) As I click on some of the links, they were somewhat confusing.

1 comment:

  1. Being into the look of web site is not a bad thing! Looks are certainly abundant online for sure. You will be drawn to blogs (and other sites) based on what appeals to your senses. I too find Technorati to my liking, but as you have found out by checking others' blogs there are many who do not care for it. That is what is so great about the web...plenty for everyone to like!