Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thing # 10 Online Image Generator

I could spend hours visiting all these websites. I was a big fan of Big Huge Labs back when I first noticed it a month or so ago. I like all the features it has to offer. This time around, I spent most of my time on Scrapbook Generator. I loved all the layouts it had to offer. I did take me forever to figure out how to upload the picture. I guess it would of helped to click on the upload button. How dumb of me. Scrapbook generator allows you to pick many layouts such as birthday, holiday, and other cute themes. I like to scrapbook although I never have the time.

I also played around with Make Word Mosaic. I've seen this image before on someones blog and I really liked it. My kids are currently studying poetry. They have written some poems about color and I would think this would be a fun way for them to display their poetry.


  1. I bet you could spend most of that time on (over 5,000 img gens).

  2. Thank you for bringing attention to the scrapbook generator. This is a great tool for students to create new book covers! They can update "ugly" book covers or create posters to hang around campus.