Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thing # 13 Tagging and Delicious

I have to say that I wish I knew about the site Delicious earlier in the month. There is this almond spinach salad that I like to make a lot that I got from You would think that I would write the recipe down since I like to make it a lot. Well, guess again. I now can pull up the recipe up anytime I want all because of Delicious. Delicious is a great website to go to when you would like to bookmark a website. Instead of bookmarking it to your favorites, you can now tag it. I recommend everyone checking out this website.

As I was exploring the site, my husband asks me what am I working on for school. Here I was thinking that I had something new to share with him but of course, he already knew what the site was. I did get to explain to him and his computer geek friend about RSS feeds which made me feel important.

I think Delicious is great for educators. There are several times when I am looking for information that would enhance my teaching. I like how I can tag the websites that I find useful and share it with my colleges. I also like how you can click on a tag that is interesting and it will pull up some good websites to visit. I have to say that 23 things has made more technology savvy.

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  1. I love the Almond Strawberry Salad and it looks easy to make too