Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thing # 14 Technorati

For thing number 14, I was forced to look at Technorati once again. I do think this website is cool for finding new blogs and websites to visit based on your interests. I do like that once you pick a topic, say family for instance, on the right hand side of Technorati includes latest articles that deal with family. I found one interesting article about a girl who has half of her brain removed and recovered. Who knew you could get half of your brain removed. If it weren't for Technorati, I would have never read this article.

I have never been a person who is on the internet for more than 30 minutes unless I am doing school work. I would ask my husband how he could be on the computer for hours, I now understand. Lately, I have found all sorts of cool sites and blogs that I am visiting weekly. I think Technorati is a good site to find new and interesting things that the internet has to offer.

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