Friday, June 18, 2010

Thing # 4 Youtube

Aww... Youtube. What would people to do if there wasn't Youtube? I have never really visited Youtube that often unless people have told me to look up something. It's funny that thing # 4 is about Youtube because my friends and I just uploaded a video on Youtube just this Monday. Now, I didn't upload it myself because my friend already had an account but I was right there while she did it. Does that count? :) Now, in my earlier post, I told you my friend Lindsey is battling cancer. She has been told that she has about a year to live. (We are all thinking positive. Lindsey is a fighter) Many of us were angry and fustrated when we heard the news. Lindsey had a great idea of breaking plates to let go of our fustration. So we all wrote positive words on the plates before we slammed them on the ground. We decided to upload our video on Youtube because we thought we might be able to help someone else with cancer. Here is our video below. ( it's black for a minute or so but then it's fine. )

I think Youtube would be a great learning tool for new teachers. Sometimes it's hard to explain to new teachers how to do things but if they could see a video of it, then they are more likely to do a good job. I have visited Teachertube this past semester and found some good things. I was able to find a good power point on poetry that came in handy. The main thing teachers need to think about before posting a video with students on Youtube or Teachertube is to make sure you have permission from the parents.


  1. I am praying for your friend. I am a fifth year cancer survivor. It was a life enhancing and changing experience.She will be in my prayers. People are so good.
    Okay about other stuff. I think your idea for new teachers is fabulous. It would also work for new English speakers. You could pick words or topics.

  2. Thank you so much for your prayers! Congrats in surviving cancer. It's weird. I've never had some one so close to me have cancer.

    I didn't think about the new english teachrs. What a great idea.