Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thing # 3- Skype

I have always associated Skype with connecting with relatives who are out of town. I think Skype is a great technology tool. You see it everywhere now from Oprah,news, etc. I see people on t.v. using Skype although I don't know anyone personally who uses Skype. I really enjoyed the website that had 50 awways to use esome skype in the classroom. There were some interesting ways to incorporate Skype. When I was looking at all the different ways, it made me think about my school. This year we had 5th graders who were pen pals with other students in another country. It made me think that if they were using Skype, they could really get an idea of what that contry was like instead of waiting for a letter to arrive. I know the kids had lots of questions. I do think it would be hard to find schools or teachers who were using Skype as well to link up with. I think the biggest challenge, is for teachers just to be open to using Skype. There are some old school teachers out there and when we got the Active Boards in our classrooms... well... it took them awhile to adjust.

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  1. Yes, I've actually thought about using Skype in the classroom for the past year. It's just one of those tools that you just have to dive into. Knowing that this isn't going to be a simple process to get started, I think that's what's holding me back a bit. It seems I lose more and more time every year and don't get to do or try everything I'd like to anymore.