Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thing # 2

I have always love image generators. I love how I can spend all day creating different things. You don't realize how much time goes by. I first decided to explore Wordle again. I really like how you can change the font and colors. I think the kids would have a great time using Wordle. In my class, I would have my students use the wordle after they have completed a project. They can use the Wordle to present their information to the class. I made my Wordle from an email I sent my friend. She's been told she has cancer that is terminal. I am amazed by her strength and positive attitude.
I decided to play with Glogster this time around. I have tried to explore it before in the past although I didn't spend a lot of time on it and just didn't want to take the time. I've seen many people's glogs and loved them. It took me awhile to figure things out. I still need to play around with the sound and video but was proud of what I made. I decided to do a Anne of Green Gables glog. I think Glogster would be a great tool for students to use when they are done with book clubs. I could asses their glog to determine if they comprehended the story or get their interpretation of the book.

I have seen Voki in the past. My librarian has used it in various lessons at my school. The kids love it and get so excited when they can do their own on the computers. I think Voki would be cool to do school rules with in the beginning of the year. What a change it would be for the kids to use Voki instead of listening to the teacher talk all the time.

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Ok. Now on to Bookr. I heard about Bookr last year. I tried making one although I lost interest but decided to look at it a different way this time. After making my own bookr, I think students would love making their own. I'll be teaching fourth grade next year so I made my book about writing. I think students would love to make one of their own for science or social studies. Last year my students researched an inventor and made a poster about them. I know they would have loved working with bookr to present their information. I think if you incorporate technology into a project, the students will love it and won't complain.

Wow. I think that has been my longest post. I hope you enjoyed my post! :)


  1. I liked your ideas!. I am also a 4th grade teacher and your ideas seem very grade/age appropriate. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I enjoyed your post. I don't know what the heck to do with the voki. It keeps sending me to another site. Bookr sounds cool. almost there.

  3. Check out

    here is a sample book made for/by a 5th grade class. I like this website better than bookr. It gives more creative options and the product looks better. The finished books can either be posted or can be ordered. I found it better, but of course the kids would love both!