Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thing # 5

I always thought of flicker being used to view friends photos they have posted. I never thought it would be useful in the classroom or at school. I ended up spending more than an hour just looking at all the photos. Some photos are very impressive.

I found this image a lot. I really liked it because I love books and what a great way to show it.

I wish I would have know how to use this tool earlier for school. The other day, my students were making a brochure about a business they would have to earn money. Some students had a hard time finding pictures to add to their brochure. Flicker would be a great website for them to go to although I think it might be too complicated for a third grader. (saving the picture to their file would be to hard. Getting them to complete the brochure was hard enough) Here is an example of a picture they might have added to their brochure.


  1. be sure and link sites for the benefit of your readers...
    also when you borrow pictures, you should include the owner somewhere in your blog post...and credits from Flickr can be hot links as well

  2. I love that picture of the book with pages making a heart shape - nice find!

  3. If your 3rd graders can save other documents, they could save flickr pics! They surprise us!

  4. I saw this picture of the book heart during my search. What a beautiful idea that books have heart! Of course, we know that, but as librarians we will have opportunities to share our love of literature and learning with others.